One size was not enough...
1+ year in the designing, testing & making...it’s finally here!

One size 
was not enough

1+ year in the designing, testing & making...it’s finally here!

Same great style with more fabric -
 which means more coverage!

Fitting mamas up to 6’5” and size 24

This is for our mamas who want more coverage - 
mamas who are tall, curvy, busty, and who just want more coverage and fabric. 

Natural Cocoon+
Honey Cocoon+
Grey Cocoon+
Black Cocoon+
Good morning!

I finally have had a chance to sit down (while nursing in the middle of the night) to write a review of this beautiful nursing cover.

I was dubious at first about paying the cost of a Cocoon but while super pregnant, I decided to take advantage of a discount you were offering when buying two Cocoons. I purchased your navy and natural colors. If I am being honest, I totally had buyers regret with spending that much on *just* nursing covers until the Cocoons arrived in the mail. My first impressions were that it was a nice piece - soft, well-made - and I even wore the cover out to dinner as a shawl on my due date.

Fast forward to nearly 4 months postpartum. I have used my nursing cover in just about every way I could've imagined:

- Shawl while preggo (picture)
- Newborn photo wrap (picture)
- Nursing cover when the steady stream of visitors came to see baby after we got home from the hospital 🙃
- Blanket to cover baby at the cold Pediatrician's office
- Blanket for baby in Dock-A-Tot (picture)
- Scarf to nursing cover
- Sweater/shawl while baby wearing
- Cover to help baby sleep when out to dinner
- Blanket over baby's lap in car seat while pushing baby in stroller
- Car seat cover while baby is sleeping 
- And most recently, as a scarf when going back to work to help me feel relaxed to pump at work without my sweet baby (picture)

If you had told me 6 months ago that this cover would be one of my most used and most loved baby accessories, I would have never believed you. I have gotten so many compliments and people asking where I got my shawl/ scarf/ nursing cover. I am so happy I made the decision to buy your Cocoon (and that decided to buy 2!!).

I have and will continue to highly recommend the Cocoon to all my mama friends!

Thank you for making a such a quality, well-designed product for the Mama's ❤ 

Thank you,
Roni Fonteneau 

P.s. Sorry for the long-winded review
Natural Cocoon+
Honey Cocoon+
Grey Cocoon+
Black Cocoon+